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John E. Miller Diary 1928

1928 - Diary of John E. Miller

August 1 Wrote letter to Mabel.  Received character letter from Rev Luerkheim.  Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Goldsmith called here to arrange with me for the baptizing of their baby.  Diane Crigger called here in the evening. 

August 2 Made a box for books.  Packed two boxes of books.  Received letter from Gladstone.

August 3 Wrote to Selena and Victor Monk.  Had visitor in evening (Mr. & Mrs. E. Schopf, Uncle George & Aunt Mary).  Wet weather.

August 4 Went to Desbro - got baptismal certificate from Pastor Luerkheim and two letters (character) from Mr. M. Sutcliffe for visa.  Sister Lillian and Gordon R. motored here from Toronto.  Dane C. was here in evening.

August 5 Motored to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Goldsmith.  Bentink Tp. baptized their baby (My first baptistm).  The baby was born on July 7, 1928 and was named Percy Vernon.  The witnesses were Percy and Elsie Miller.  For the official act I was given $2.  Uncle Alberts were here in the evening but were called home by Minnie and Miss Thompson, nurse-in-training at the S & M (G & M?) hospital at Omen Sound.  Upon invitation, Clara and I visited at Uncle Alberts for a short time.

August 6 Received letter from Mabel.  Clara and Gordon R. motored back to Toronto.  The Mises Florence and Esther Paulson, 21 Arthur Ave. S., Hamilton, (phone 2999w), with a friend of theirs from Callingwood, I understand.  Called to enquire about Dr. J.A. Miller's uncle confirmed one of the sisters.  Both are members of Dr. William's congregation at Hamilton.  Both are very interesting and I like the boyfriend very much.

August 7 Sent letter to Mabel and Dr. Leitzell, Albany.  Helped to unload two loads wheat.  Norman Gertie and Manuel Bittorf were here in the evening. 

August 8 Victor Monk and Nancy Milne were here for dinner and stayed till about 7:30 P.M.  Lillian, Victor, Nancy and I went to Owen Sound Hospital to call for cousin Minnie M. - nurse-in-training.  After our trip we went to the lake.  "Dick" and I went to the island while the girls went in bathing.

August 9 Wrote letter to Dr. Potter, Mr. & Mrs. John Godsmith.  Wilfred Goldsmith, + Adeline (Mrs. H. Myren) were here in the evening. 

August 10  Sent letters to Mabel and Mr. Ball.  Went to softball match between Derby and Echo Valley in L. Drone's field.  I kept score.  The game was called aon account of darkness at end of first half third inning (8-6 E. Valley).  A large number of relatives and friends, including Rev. + Mrs. Luerkheim were here in the evening.  I was presented with a purse and money.  I gave a short talk in appreciation for the gift.  Went to Geo. Miller's and got check for $150.  Went to Williamsford with Amy, Annie and Aunt Mary.

August 11 Went with dad to Jul. Maluskins to take Lillie.  Then went to Owen Sound to get clerical suit.  Took boxes of books to C.P.R. Station, Chatsworth, but not home, then sent to Berne until the station master first receives prices from Toronto.  Drew up note for $150 at Geo. Miller's with interest at 5% per annum.  Visited in the evening with Mr. & Mrs. Louck. 

August 12 Mr. & Mrs. Jul Kuhl + family, all of Uncle Alberts were here.  Mr. William Leuck died of hearf failure.

August 13 Went to see the late Mr. Leuck.  Wrote letter to Mabel.  In the evevning went to Uncle Jul Maluskins with Annie, Lillie Maluskin and I went to Luther Legne + the old stone church parsonage.  Rturned to Jul M. and had ice cream. 

August 14  Wrote letter and sent money order ($22.00) to Lloyd Schaus payment on board.  Finished packing trunk.

August 15 Left Chatsworth at 7:26 for Hamilton via Toronto.  At Toronto called on Florence a few moments.  After arriving in Hamilton I phoned Mrs. Paulson and later called at her home.  Played tennis at the Lutheran church courts with Helen and also with Adelia Gruhl.  Clara P. and her brother Herman called for us.  Before we went for supper I got doctor's certificate for immigration visa.  After supper we went motoring around Hamilton, saw insane asylum, etc.  Went to Burlington beach.  This day being Wednesday I could do nothing towards getting the visa.

August 16 Got up about 8:10.  Went down town with Esther who directed me to the U.S. Consul's ofice.  At the office I could only make the application for the visa which could only be ready for me at 3:30 P.M.  Besides I needed two mroe photos.  This requirement came into effect since July 1.  Had photos taken.  Then I went to Mrs. P.'s home after phoning her.  Helen and I had several more sets of tennis at the Trinity Lutheran Church courts.  Went back to her home for dinner at 2:30.  Helen got ready and came with me to the studio and the immigraiton office, then to say good-bye to her sister, Esther, then to the station.  Somehow I missed the 4:20 T.H. + B. train.  Then we went back to see Esther.  While Esther + Helen went home together I got on the 6:13 train for Buffalo.  Got of at Black Rock and no record was found concerning my rejection into the U.S. upon surrendor of visa.  I was duly admitted into the U.S.  Left Black Rock at 9:00 (thanks to an immigraiton officer) and arrived at Buffalo about 10:44.

August 17 I arrived in Albany at 3:55 A.M.  Later I called Mr. Frank Hochstrasser who went to Albany and got my trunk from station.  The customs inspector who examined my trunk is a Lutheran, Mr. George Philipper by name.  Had dinner at Mrs. Hochstrasser's.  Then Mr. Frank H. took my club bag and trunk as well as me to the parsonage.  The parsonage is well furnished.  Went to Berne post office and bought stamps + envelopes.  Borrowed from Mrs. Fr. H. 2 sheets, 2 pillow cases, 3 towels, and 1 washcloth.  Both Mrs. Willsey and Mrs. Cook invited me for supper.  That no ill feelings would arise between these two parties I accepted the latter invitation.  Immediately after supper Mr. Fr. Hoch. called and took me as well as his wife to the home of the late Eugene Wright to comfort the sorrowing widow and only son.  God sent me there, and I am glad I went.  After this visit I visited with Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro.  They came to the parsonage with me and I went back with them and stayed there all night.  At Albany this morning I sent cards to my Mabel, to home and to Mr. George Maluske.

August 18 Had breakfast at Mrs. Cook's place about 7 o'clock.  After breakfast we had scripture reading and prayer.  I read Matt 20: 1-16.  I came back here and prepared a funteral sermon.  I did not take dinner out.  I had supper at Mr. Cook's place and immediately after supper Mr. and Mrs. Chesebro called for me and took me to Knox, a small village not far from here, and at which they get their milk.  I stayed at Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro's place all niht.  Got letter from Mabel. 

August 19 Had breakfast at Mr. Chesebro's place and then came to parsonage.  Went to church about 10:00 and talked with Mr. Ball and others.  I preached on the text, John 6:67-68.  The Hymns were 172, 533, and 70.  In the Common Service Book they are 143, 260, and 307.  At two o'clock I conducted the funeral service of the late Mr. Eugene Wright.  I spoke on part of verse 36, of the fifth chapter of St. Mark - "Be not afraid; only believe."  The service at the grave was held in the new cemetary - the Woodlawn Cemetary.  Came to parsonage and wrote letter home.  For the funeral service I received $10.  At 7:30 I attended the C.E. Society meeting in the Berne Lutheran Church.  Mr. R. Tompkins was the leader.  I stayed at Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro's all night.  In the afternoon I wrote letter home. 

August 20 Sent money order for $43.77 to U.L. Pub. House, Phildelphia, for books.  Read the pamphlets Russelism and Bible Wine.  Did not work hard.  In the evening I went to prayer meeting in the Reformed Church Hall.  Stayed at Mr. & Mrs. Chesebro's place for the evening. 

August 21 Worked on sermon.  Wrote letter to Mabel.  Read part of Xion Science, Weighed + Tested.  In the evening Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro and I went to West Berne to see bus driver about getting my books from Albany.  Received notification that books arrived at Albany.  Received letter from home.  Stayed at Mr. Chesebro's in evening. 

August 22 Wrote letter to Lillie Maluske, worked on sermon.  In evening listened to address of Governor Smith.  Mr. Ball visited me.

August 23 finished sermon, received notification from Mr. Chesebro that I have funeral of Mr. Campbell on Sunday.  Pressed trousers and gown at Mrs. C. D. Willsey's.  Mr. Ball, wife, daughter and another lady called for me and took me for drive through East Berne to Mr. Frank Willsey's. 

August 24 Worked on funeral sermon, went to church hall in the afternoon to watch the play to be given on August 29.  In the evening went to visit the wife and three daughters of the late Mr. James Campbell whose funeral service I have been asked to conduct.  Maurice Chesebro, his wife and two sons were at Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro's place.

August 25 finished funeral sermon, finished reading the book "Christian Science."

August 26 preached in morning.  Text on St. Luke 18:9-14.  The hymns were 52, 180 and 66.  In C.S. Book they are 426, 151 and 431.  At two o'clock I conducted the funeral service of the late James Campbell.  His age was 58.  He was a mason.  The masons had a service at the grave but I gave the committal.  In the evening I attended the C.E. Society meeting after being at Mr. + Mrs. Jess Snyder with Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro's. 

August 27 Wrote letters to Arthur, Uncle J.A. + Gladstone.  Mr. Willsey was here installign sink.  Rev. C. M. Nittlioft, 2407 East Chester Road, Bronx, N.Y.C. called on me.  He wanted to meet my wife and family as well as me.  He gave me much encouragement and helpful advice to struggle on against adversities, to pray for divine help. 

August 28.  Went to Albany with Mr. + Mrs. Chesebro and got books from Post Office after inspection by customs offices.  Went through most of the state buildings.  Got letter from Mabel.

August 29.  My birthday.  Received letters from home + H. Paulsen.  had supper at Mr. Chesebros.  In evening I attended the two one act plays given by the "Sunshine Class" in the Church hall.  had homemade ice cream + cake.  Birthday cake shared with the "Sunshine Class," ten girls.  worked on wermon.  wrote to Mabel.

August 30.  Worked on sermon.  had dinner outside of house at Mrs. Chesebro's.