Berne Local

Peter Becker family bible


Omer J. Becker, and Ada Catherine Shultes was married November 28, 1917.


Births (first page)


Elizabeth Baeker was born on the 3rd of August in the year 1852. (in German script)

Ada Catherine Shultes wife of Omer J. Becker was born May27, 1899.

Frances Ima Becker, daughter of Omer J. and Ada C. Becker. was born July 18, 1919.

Norma Margaret Becker, daughter of Omer j. and Ada C. Becker w born October 26, 1923.

Alton Barton Becker, son of Omer J. Becker and Ada C. Becker was born August 5th 1931.

Mavis Ada & Maver Omer , daughter & son of Omeer J. Becker and Ada C. Becke, Born June 7th,1933

Marvin Ernest Becker son of Omer j. Becker and Ada C. Becker was born June 25th 1940.


Births (secon page)


Myrtle Beccker was Born Januaty the 5, 1877

Iva Becker was Born June 25the 1879

(different handwriting) Died Dec. 1959

Roy P Becker was Born July 16the 1883

Minton W. Becke was Born 18the 1885

(different handwriting) Died Sept. 18th 1995

Omere J. Becker was Born August 25the 1887

(different handwriting) Died Jan. 5th 1966

Alice Julia Becker was Born March 13th 1891

(different handwriting) Died March 7th 1954

Anna LLaura Becler was Born June 27yh 1893

(different handwriting) Died April 20 1958

Elma Becker wass born December 2th 1895

(different handwriting) Died Feb.14 1958


Deaths (first page)


Wife Elisabeth Becker Died March 15the. 1875

Wife of Peter Becker Adge fifty years eaight months and nineten Days.

Elisabeth Becker Did. April 11the. 1864 Adge elven years sevn monts

Peter Becker Died The 7 Day Of November In The Year Of Our Lord 1888 Age 66 Years


Deaths (second page)


Sarie E. Barton Wife Of Lewis H. Becker Died The 12 Day of November In The Year Of Our

Lord 1888 Age 34 Years

Lewis Henry Becker died The 24 Day of November 1920

Age 66 yrs 8 months 21 days

Roy P Becker Son Sarie and L. H. Becker Died The 13 Day of April 1884

Age No yers 9 Month   Days

Myrtle Becker wife of Menizo Haverly died April 4th 1898 age 21 years 3 months.

Alton Becker son of Omer J. amd Ada C. Becker, Died February 28th.1932

Age 6 months 23 days.