Albany Hilltowns Genealogy
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The Hilltowns Genealogy, originally conceived to be a comprehensive genealogy of all Berne families, is being expanded to include all families that lived in the Hilltowns of western Albany County, i.e. Berne, Knox, Westerlo, and Rensselarville. It is intended that when a family or individual left the Hilltowns, the records should show where the individual or family went, and when they died. It does not attempt to follow all ancestors of Hilltown families beyond the first generation leaving the Hill.

The goal is to have every Hilltown family represented completely and accurately. As we develop more information, it will be added to the Hilltowns Genealogy. Eventually the information from deeds, military, tax, and town records will also be used to assure the completeness.

Kathleen Putzig is now the Town of BerneHistorian. To add new individuals or correct information that is in the Hilltowns Family  Genealogy, please contact Kathleen at The Genealogy is updated on a continual basis; the results will be posted on-line on more or less then a monthly basis.