Berne Local

Maver Omer Becker

My father, Omer Becker, was born Aug. 27, 1887 to Louis and Sarah Becker. They lived on West Mt. by Becker Pond on Beaver Rd., about a mile from the old West Mountain Methodist Church. 3 weeks after his birth, a cyclone went over West Mt. His family went down cellar by the west wall and covered the baby up with blankets. A lot of dust and dirt fell on them. The house was turned around on the foundation but the family was unharmed. Right after that they moved to High Point Rd.

My mother, Ada Becker, was born May 27, 1899 to Peter and Maggie Shultes. They lived on the hairpin turn on the West Mt. Rd., now the Schanz farm. My parents were married in Nov. of 1917.

Children: Francis 1919, Norma 1923, Alton 1931, died 7 months later, twins, Maver and Mavis 1933, Marvin 1940. They were 21 years having their family.

I remember using kerosene lamps before electricity came thru about 1940. When old enough, us twins had to get wood in for the furnace down cellar and the wood stove in the kitchen. In winter, we would cut ice and pack it in sawdust, to be used in the summer for cooling the milk. Milk was sold in 10 gal. cans. Ice was also used for the icebox down cellar. In 1944 or 45, we got a Haverly Electric Milk Cooler