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John Hendrick Dietz

In The Name Of God, Amen. I, John Hendrick Dietz, being of sound mind, and memory and understanding, do make this my last Will and Testament, herby revoke all heretofore by me made, and I am prepared to recommend my soul to God who gave it, and my body to the last which I leave shall be decently buried, the charges thereof to be paid by my beloved wife and Adam, my son, each to pay one half equally. I give my beloved wife, Elizabeth, one half of my lands and farm whereon I live. Also my Orchard and my last estate as long as she bears my name, or remains unmarried. 3ly, I devise and bequest to my (son) Adam Dietz the other half of all my lands and farm, to have and to hold forever. 4ly, I devise to my four daughters, Elizabeth, Eva, Catherine and Margaret, the forward half (half) of my land and farm which I have given my beloved wife as long as she does bear my name, or remains unmarried, to have and to hold it forever, or at their pleasure, to dispose of it: that is to say, to be equally divided among them the said half and share alike, and that it is to be understood that after my beloved wife has deceased, that I devise the one half of my Orchard aforementioned to my son, William, and the other half to my favored daughters to be equally divided among them. This likewise, that all my just debts by me owing shall be paid out of the land or farm; the one half by Adam, my son, and the other half out of the land I (also) devised my daughters, and that all the last estate or effects shall remain until my death has been recorded. ------------------Deceased of my beloved wife, all shall be divided among my sons and daughters equally. Likewise my will, Adam, my son, should build a barn, and my beloved wife should pay one half of the charges out of the land I have given them, or if after her death, then my daughters shall defray the one half of the charges of building the barn and it is my will that the barn stand on my farm together with my dwellings, and the house shall belong to my daughters, each an equal share. In witness, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventh Day of September Seventeen Hundred and Eighty-Four. I am John Hendrick Dietz. Witnesses: Adam Dietz Jost Dietz Schafer Johannes Ecker The word, Daughters, between the 19th and 20th lines and the word, house, between the 37th and 38th lines being first internamed before the sealing, and of that I have witness(es) present - Adam Dietz and Jost , sons, George Se(i)bel of Beaverdam, Executors of this, my last Will and Testament.