Berne Cemetery Detail

Cass Family Burying Ground

Bradt Hollow Road
West Berne, NY

GPS: N 42 37.654, W 74 11.199
From West Berne go south .25 Mi. on Bradt Hollow Rd. There is a trail on the west side of the road. Go west 100 yards then north 200 yards. Cemetery on the right side of trail in the woods. Owner (1984): Yandon, Dutch Settlement Road.
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Photo by: Ralph Miller, 2005
Cass Farmily Monument
75 by 100 feet. Once fenced by 10 or more stone pillars with barb wire. Only the pillars remain. There were three stones in 1984, one of which is a 7 to 10' tall monument. Reads "Joseph Jan. 1906 aged 79" on the East side. North side reads George H. May 6 1867 aged 40 years, Manly died Nov. 20 1853 In his 2 year. George E died Feb 30 (sic) 1857 aged 11 months. Children of George H and Mary A Cass. West side reads "John Cass died October 15 1875 in his 80th year. Hannah Drumm died October 20 1860 aged 66"
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