Berne Biography Detail

Reverend John Edward Miller

Born:  1901 Died:  1935
Diary of John E. Miller, Berne, NY 1929 Sept. 1 Taught Conf. Class. Elizabeth Adams present. Preached on Eph 6: 18-20. The hymns were 347, 231, 286. Had dinner at Chesebro's. In eveing taught Bible Class at the First Berne Lutheran Church. Preached same sermon as at Berne. Rec'd $62.50 from Will O'Brien to apply on salary. The hymns were 122, 155, 63. The Sc. lesson was Ps 46. Sept. 2 Labor Day. Rec'd $100 from CL Ball,. Sent $40 to Gen Mot Ace. Corporation as sixth payment on car. Saw baseball game between Berne Boys + the Schoharie boys at Hochstrasser's. Former team won by 13-11. played carrom at C. Adams. Sept. 3 - Prepared funeral sermon in morning. In afternoon conducted the funeral service of Elias Shafer, 85 yrs, 5 mos, a Civil War Veteran. Service was in the Berne Luth. Church at 2 PM Standard Time. For service I rec'd $5. Played carrom at C. Adams. Sept. 4 Wrote to Lillian S. sent my photo Rev. H. W. Bartz. Sent $50 to Mrs. Geo. Miller as last payment on the borrowed $150. Promised to send interest later. Had haircut at Will O'Brien's shop. Gave him receipt for $62.50. Visited at Northrup's garage, and had Mrs. Geo. C. Northrup transfer her membership from the Berne Lutheran Church to the East Berne Lutheran Church. Played carrom at Charles Adams. Sept. 5 - Tried to work on sermon. Wrote letter to Rev. H. W. Bartz. played carrom in evening at Charles Adams. Visited with John Y. at garage in Berne. Sept. 6 - Wrote out sermon in rough on Matt 7:24-27. Visited at Burt Wright's. Was at Chesebro's for dinner. Rec'd letters from Lillian + Arthur. Recopied much of sermon. caught rat. Sept. 7 - finished writing out sermon on Matt. 7:24-27. Wrote letter to Arthur _ enclosed a letter for him to give to Miss Trant, principal of the Chatsworth H. School. caught rat. played carrom in evening at Chas Adams. Visited at Barney Whites to see how Mrs. Van Schoick was - was poorly. Sept. 8 - taught conf class. Elizabeth Adams present. Mrs. B. Wright's class was present also since she was late - Everett Cowan, Marshal Clickman + another chap and (late) Weidman. Preached on Matt 7:24-27. Had vine congregation. Had dinner at Chesebro's. Took laundery to Mrs. Becker's. Taught Bible Class at East Berne. Preached on Matt. 7:24-27. After service had congregational meeting for purpose of procuring Common Service Books. Upon motion of Brad Dyer, Sr. I appointed a committee to decide what books should be procured and how many. I appointed Mrs. Brad Dyer, Mrs. Geo Brownell, and Mrs. Zeb A.D. Strevell. The committee + I decided to meet at the home of Mrs. Strevell the flowing evening for a discussion and to draw up a report for the following Sunday evening. The congregation further decided to hold Sunday School one half hour earlier,i.e., at 6:30 o'clock, and service one half hour earlier, i.e., at 7:30 o'clock. caught rat. The hymns for the morning service at Berne were 179, 287, 415, and at East Berne 102, 128, 25.
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