Welcome to the Berne Historical Project

This site is dedicated to our ancestors and a gift to our decendents.

The Berne Historical Project began in 2001 as a means of sharing the history and genealogy of the people of Berne, NY. It has been a volunteer effort spearheaded by Hal Miller and offers an amazing amount of information for historians and genealogists alike.

Join us as we explore our Berne Heritage. We'll follow the scenic Helderberg Trail, now State Route 443, as it wanders through the Helderberg hills in Western Albany County, along the same route taken by our forefathers....

New Item Albany County Hilltowns History and Genealogy is a group on Facebook for family researchers interested in exchanging information on their Hilltown ancestors. The group is planning a series of books on their Hilltown ancestors with chapters submitted by family researchers. Also under consideration is a book on Hilltown men in the Civil War. Researchers have to join Facebook to participate.

New ItemMembers of the Hilltowns Facebook group have created a website called Albany Hilltowns . The site uses MedaWiki as its platform, thus allowing anyone to add and edit information on their Hilltown ancestors. There are web pages for individual farms, houses, family history, biographies, family stories, and genealogical charts. All of these pages are to be created and edited by family researchers.

Both of these sites have been created by many of the same volunteers that brought you the Berne Historical Project and take advantage of new methods for sharing the history and geneaology of the Albany Hilltowns.

Enjoy - Share - Contribute

The current day Town of Berne is located southwest of Albany, New York in the western section of Albany County. Originally settled in the 1750's, many descendants of the original founding families still live here.

Town Seal

The TIN HORN represents the Anti-Rent movement. It sounds the spirit of courage and freedom displayed at the risk of life and property, a community action to rid the land of tyrannical and unjust powers.

The SIMMONS AX depicts the efforts of early industrialization, a spirit of industry deep in the past and the present; it is the sharp edge of a people honest and persevering.

The OUTLINE OF THE GEOGRAPHICAL TOWN OF BERNE shows the place we are proud to live, through heritage and hope.

The SUNBURST radiates from behind these symbols, expressing the glory of our heritage and the hope of our future.


(from "Our Heritage" copyright 1977, Town of Berne, published by Hope Farm Press, Cornwallville, New York, 1977)